Insider Preview How do you install fonts in Windows 10?


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I have a job I need to update, so I need to install some of my fonts.

I've never updated the Windows 10 fonts beyond the defaults because until now I didn't need them.

I went to my font files which are all stored on one of my hard drives and selected several of the fonts I need to install, but when I right click on them there is no option to install them.

So I next went to Control Panel and the Fonts Control Panel.

There is no Add Fonts button?

So how are your supposed to add more fonts to the default Windows fonts?

I searched at Microsoft but the only answer I found made no sense.
It said go to Fonts Control Panel, and select the fonts you want to install, but there is no interface that I can find to select them.



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Admittedly I don't have a lot of fonts that I use, but I do have one so I tested for you.
Select all the fonts in that font package, right clicked and chose "install". Worked as expected.
Screenshot (2).png

That is on my spare machine, running build 10147, so I tested in my VM running 10130 with the same results.
Maybe yours are not "True Type Fonts" in which case I have no way of testing, unless you want to send me some.


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Hi Trouble

I did get it to work but when I first tried I didn't get the install option in the menu.

I think it has something to do with the fact that Type One fonts from Adobe have two different kinds of files associated with them, both appear in the fonts folder but Windows 10 only wants to see one of them, (the .pfm extension) I also noticed that Windows 10 organises the fonts in the font folder differently.

It puts some of the fonts in one family into folders, unlike previous versions of Windows.

This is my Windows 10 fonts folder...

This is the first part of my Windows 8 fonts folder....

As you can see we are still in the "A"s.

In the past I always just moved my Fonts folder from one version of Windows to the next.
That took care of getting all my fonts into my new install, without having to install them all one at a time.

I don't know what would happen if I did that with Windows 10?

Since I'm now retired I don't really need to have all those fonts, (almost 2,000) on my computer anymore, so I don't really want to do that anyway.

I have saved font folders going clear back to 1999, with the fonts I had installed at the time.
This let me find fonts I needed when an old job would come back to be modified or updated.

Anyway it seems to be working now, but several of the previous way of installing type fonts through the Fonts Window interface, i.e. the Add Fonts button aren't there any more.


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