Windows 8 How do you make the photos that people send you in emails auto open


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Nov 21, 2012
In Windows 7, when you opened an email that had photos embedded in it, it would automatically display those photos. In Windows 8 ie, that sometimes happens but not always. I've gone to the settings for the two emails that I use, Hotmail, and Gmail, and put the setting to automatically download external images. Perhaps that is not the same thing and displaying them in the Email? When I get the emails, there is a rectangular shape representing the photo that was sent to me. In the upper left corner is a square with an X in it. I'm aware that I can simply download the attached images, but shouldn't there be a way to have them display within the email automatically when the email is opened?

In Windows 8, the behavior you are describing with the rectangular shape and a square with an X in it typically indicates that the images in the email are not being displayed automatically. This is often a security feature in email clients to prevent potentially harmful content from being automatically loaded.

To ensure that images are displayed automatically in your emails in Windows 8, you can follow these general steps:

### Enable Automatic Image Display in Windows 8 Mail App:
1. Open the Mail App: Launch the Mail app on your Windows 8 device.

2. Access Settings:
- Look for the settings or options menu within the Mail app.
- Find the option related to displaying images in emails.

3. Enable Image Display:
- Look for an option that allows you to display images automatically in emails.
- Ensure that this setting is turned on to allow images to be displayed.

### Additional Tips:
  • Sender's Trust: Sometimes, images may not load automatically if the sender is not in your trusted contacts list.
  • Internet Connection: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection to load the images.

By adjusting these settings and ensuring a secure environment, you should be able to see images displayed directly within your emails in the Windows 8 Mail app. If you continue to experience issues, you may want to check the specific settings within your Hotmail and Gmail accounts to see if there are any restrictions on image display that could be affecting this behavior.