Windows XP How i can format 40gb harddrive using MagicPartition 8.0

i trying install windows xp home edition on my old desktop computer and i got 40 gb harddrive in my house so i needed one and i tried to format by looking at bottom to format and i tried to install but error and heres what it needs it wants windows xp compatible partition so i putted magicpartition cd and i booted and the screen was small but it was okay and i was confused how this thing works only my dad knows the partition but im trying for myself and i have no idea how i can format it but i know how use gui but not gb beacuse i can messup the harddrive sapce the harddrive is 40gb but it gives me diffrent harddrive space and i set to xp but it was set as 9993.5 mb but my harddrive is 40 gb how i can make my harddrive be 40gb i set to ntfs version and ntfs version was set to "3.1 (windows xp)" so can you help me what size i should use for my 40gb hardrive beacuse its saying 9993.5?
You have posted this in the Windows 10 Upgrade and Installation section. Maybe that is part of your difficulty. I am moving your post to the appropriate location on the website. Thank you!
This is an extremely complicated procedure with Partition Magic. It is extremely old software. I must recommend that you use this software here, which is free: Partition Manager 14 Free Edition - Overview

This is a very simple procedure using this partition manager. Always remember that when you are dealing with partitions and formatting that you should back up your most important data. Since this a new hard disk, I would be inclined to believe that you will not have difficulties.
@Mike my all hardrives are formated so im botting from cd so this new version will be impossbile to run beacuse it needs os that version 8.0 runs windows95 or 98 but my family uses it beacuse its good
The free version of Paragon Partition Manager will let you run it on Windows XP SP3. It is possible that you may be able to create a bootable media with a CD writer using this software (on someone else's computer). Also, if that does not work, and you are trying to install Windows XP on your new drive, you can boot into Windows XP Setup and reformat the drive, as well as delete all partitions. Once you delete all partitions, restart your computer, and run the setup again.