How many times have you installed Windows 7?

Twice on 6801
Twice on 7000
Twice on 7057
Probably 6 times on RC (bad HD making me think I had bad installs)
Soon to be twice on whatever the latest interim build is.


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Wonder if folk will write ballads about Windows 7 :rolleyes:

The saga - the trials and tribulations - the never ending quest :D

Willie Nelson - now theres a name to conjure with:rolleyes:

2x for Beta (used Beta until early-March on the first run and then went back to it the week before I went back to school)

2x for RC (I installed it the first time after it released, used it until I ended up getting a virus last Thursday, and reinstalled it)

Hi there
How long is a piece of string or how many hot dinners have you ever had. :razz:


I chose 3 because there wasn't an option for 2... :confused:

Once in my Lappy the Beta and Once in my old desktop the RC and again removed Beta from Lappy and installed RC.
Total - 3

I have installed Win 7 5 times.
2x on my desktop
3x on my Dell Studio 15 (2x was 64bit)
Now I'm on 32 bit

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