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Windows 8 How to access former (Win7) Control Panel preferences?


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Mar 20, 2010
As well known the Win7 START menu does not exist any more in Win8.

How do I access the Control Panel preferences now in Win8?

Three default ways.
1. Click the desktop icon, and on the legacy desktop, setup the Control panel as you did in Windows 7 (right click on desktop -personalize - Change desktop icons.
2. Move mouse to extreme right of screen. select settings - Control Panel.
3. Windows key + "X" key. This will open the right click menu, where you can find the Control Panel
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Additionally you can type "control panel" from the start screen, or type in a specific control panel item and then click Settings in the search result.
And once it is open and shows the icon in the taskbar, right click on the icon in the taskbar and 'Pin to Taskbar'. Then you do not have to scout for it every time you want to use it.