How to change folder name under C:\Users

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by eproulx, Mar 24, 2011.

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    I got a new laptop at work, and the IT group performed the initial setup. Of course, they entered my name incorrectly. I am the "administrator" on this computer, and I made the correction.

    However, on the C: drive, under the C:\Users folder, my mis-spelled name persists. I select then right-click, but I cannot change the folder name. I see that the "lock" symbol is displayed next to the folder name, so obviously, the folder is locked and that expains why I can't change the folder name.

    So, how do I change a folder's name under C:\users ?


    (Dell Inspiron Mimi 1018)
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    Hello and welcome to :)

    Unfortunately I'm not aware of any way to rename the folder safely.
    If you simply rename the folder, Windows will create a new user account.
    It seems all you can do is change your username under Control Panel, but this of course won't change the folder name.
    It's "locked" for a reason ;)

    Hope this bit helps!

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