Windows 10 how to disable popup mic image on desktop


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Using WIN 10 on Lenovo ideapad 100 laptop have nagging, intermittent mic image with diagonal line from upper right to lower left. Sometimes it is not present for several minutes, and at other times it comes and goes on a 3-5 second interval. Interesting side note is that when it is visible, the keyboard is apparently disabled, i.e. if typing when it appears, likely the keystrokes will not be effective. Have searched every conceivable resource and followed all suggestions such as driver updates, device manager observations, control panel options verified, etc. etc. but to no avail. Cannot recall if problem began with any particular change or event on the laptop. I've been putting up with the issue for several months since this has not been a hi-usage or critical PC resource, and I did replace the battery a few months ago but not sure if this symptom began immediately afterward. i wonder if during the battery replacement exercise i might have disturbed or knocked loose a connection on the motherboard. If so, then i suppose i could retrace that battery replacement exercise and look for a possible clue. i must comment that the mic input is functional


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Is it something being overlaid on the screen? Sounds like it may be some Lenovo specific software. Try hitting whatever FN + F# key disables the mic and see if that is whats triggering it.


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Thank you for that response and suggestion. Yes, if I understand then I would agree it is an image being overlaid on the desktop screen. Furthermore, to your suggestion I had previously depressed F4 (button with a mic symbol) in previous attempts to isolate, but with no results. However, since your response I have found that if i depress and hold the F4 key down, the problem mic image fades away and only reappears if I take my finger off of the F4 key. Per your suggestion I will pursue this symptom with Lenovo support forum. in the meantime, if anyone reading this reply can suggest if you have pursued this issue and if you have discovered a cure, I would appreciate your reply.

Thanks again.
Mike in Boca Raton, Fl