Windows 10 How to Disable Submenu Open in the Navigation Pane?


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I would like to know how to disable the automatic expansion of folders when my mouse hovers over them in the navigation pane. I've searched all over the folder options and have searched online, but no one has an answer.

It would help to know exactly which version of W10 you have. You can find out by reading this link: Find out which version of Windows 10 is installed - gHacks Tech News

I've not seen this behavior on any W10 computers; and I have 10 of them. Just a quick check on the 3 most current W10 versions (v1511-2015), (v1607-2016), and (v1703-2017) on 3 different computers does not exhibit this behavior either. I even went into Folder Options in File Explorer and tried to make the folders open on auto-hover; no go.

I suspect no one has the answer, as it's not a normal function in W10; therefore there is no way to turn it off.
I would suspect a virus/malware. Try scanning with whatever AV program you have (Norton, Avast, Windows Defender) and scan/remove all found viruses. Next, visit and download their free antispyware program and scan/remove all spyware viruses. Reboot and retest your computer; fire up File Explorer. If the problem vanishes, you had a virus and it's been removed and you're set to go!:up:

Best of luck,:encouragement: