Windows 10 How to extend the taskbar onto a secondary monitor with Windows 7


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Hey guys! So I finally set up my first dual monitor and was looking for ways to extend the taskbar to the secondary monitor. My understanding is that the feature isn't supported on Windows 7, but that there are programs I can install to make it happen.

I'm looking for recommended (preferably free) programs that aren't too complicated, or any other suggestions you may have on how to tackle this
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Have you looked into "Dual Monitor Taskbar"? It's specifically designed for Windows 7 and it's open source. Never tried this application myself, but after doing some research, it seems to do the trick.


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mishamdavan said:
Hi, need you help with the taskbar extended across multiple monitors. I'm using a word counter tool for custom writing company article writer and often the status bar with the word count features is hidden behind the taskbar. What third party apps or tools would you suggest for 2 and more monitors?

I used third party apps to display the taskbar on 3 monitors. DisplayFusion seems to be the best one.