Windows 7 How to force my Intel Proset wireless WLAN to connect with 802.11n speed ?


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I have a new notebook (with Intel ProSet Wireless chip) which should be able to connect to the WLAN-Router with
802.11 n speed.

The WLAN-Router/AP itself offers as well 802.11 n feature.
Currently for testing purposes the WLAN-Router/AP stands just 1 m distance with no wall in between.

However when I launch my Win7 on Notebook it connects only with 54Mbit which is far below the possible speed. Another notebook just aside the first one offers 130Mbit speed.
So WLAN-Router/AP is not the problem.

Is there a settings in Win7 wlan network setup which prevents my Win 7 to connect to WLAN-Router/AP with a higher speed?


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One metre is very close for a wireless pc to be connecting to a wireless access point. Too close can be worse than too far - to draw an analogy, if an audio system is a long way away it can be difficult to hear but it is immediately next to your ear blasting decibels at you the sounds can become impossibly distorted. First try moving the router/pc a few metres apart.