How to Force Windows XP to Scan for driver update/install


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I have a windows xp pc in factory for machine use, some issue and I formatted and I need CNC controller card driver to be install. I had tried update it from device manager and it couldn't find any driver, I also try to add Hardware wizard also didn't work, can't remember what I did in the past to force windows xp to search for the driver and install. It's a CNC controller card from weihong ncstudio install externally.

The pc itself is from china, from their website can't find any of the driver for CNC controller card and google search. I install windows service pack 3 and did windows update and it didn't do any driver search. Tried force update from cmd also not moving. Appreciate if anyone have this knowledge can assist me on.


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Normally you would be able to tell it to search Windows update; however, Windows update is no longer setup for XP since it has been EOL for 2 years. Your only option is to locate the driver manually on the internet.


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Hi Sir,

Thank you for reverting back.

Months ago I have formatted it before and I did something and it manage to install almost all driver, can't remember now =(, I have also try to update from command prompt and it does not work.

Only manage to find one web with the driver but getting transerror:54004., having email the manufacturer and the vendor we contacting but no reply. They are small company and sell the CNC controller card to vendor only.