Guide: How to force Windows 10 Update even if "incompatible"


If for some reason you can't get Windows 7/8/8.1 to upgrade to Windows 10, there is a way to force it. I had help with this last night from Microsoft Support and wanted to share it. Open your registry and go to the following key:


Then add a DWORD (32bit) called AllowOSUpgrade and set the value to 1.

Now go into Windows Update and Check for Updates. This will now download Windows 10 and update to it regardless of hardware incompatibilities.

I have an older computer with an Nvidia Quadro NVS 210S graphics adapter and Windows wouldn't let me upgrade because it said it was incompatible. This registry key forced it and then I installed the Windows 8.1 driver for my graphics adapter once the upgrade was complete. Works like a charm.

Just remember that if you have hardware incompatibilities, google the hardware and see if people made it work on the Technical Preview. I did this before forcing the upgrade. I only forced the upgrade because I knew it would work.

Just so everyone knows that this is from Microsoft, here is a link to a Microsoft answer with this solution: Windows Update Installation Failure 80240020. The answer on this link forces Windows Update to proceed to upgrade to Windows 10.
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this happened to me aswell that i cant download my pc was hp pavilon 15 sleekbook laptop with touchscreen and it has core i3, nvidia geforce gt wich is popular graphics card for me so i got windows 10 icon and i reserved it but in 29 i seem had problems i cant upgrade so i had to delete inside in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistrubiution\Download\ if it is correct and i think its safe beacuse that what they said beacuse that where updates will go and aswell i had backup drive if something goes wrong so i can be back to 8 then 8.1 and to 10 just only it will take longer to do


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