Windows 8 How to get Win7 default games on Win8? (regardless of Xbox)

Saeed Iranzad

New Member
I love the default games of Win7 (Mahjong, Solitair, Freecell).
But I can't get them on Win8. That's because Microsoft doesn't support my country.
Is there any way to download and install these free games on Win 8 other than from Xbox?
I don't think the games problem is because of country. The default Windows 7 games are all xBox now, or so it looks.
Hi Saeed,

have you tried the Store? Look under the Games section:

Yes, it says:
Sorry, Windows Store isn't available in your region.
I even tried to set it on Freegate to hide my location; but I couldn't.
I had turned off "Let apps use my location" in Setting>Privacy.