How to put screen after 2h to sleep and NOT turn it off?


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How can I put my current screen/monitor into sleep mode (e.g. after 2h) and NOT turn it off completely (after 2h) ?

When I go to Control Panel--Hardware and Sound ---Power Options and switch for example to my currently active "Balanced" plan then I have the choice:

what to do with display/monitor:

Turn off the display after 2 hours
...or NEVER

I found no option put display to sleep after 2 hours



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The only way to turn your computer off completely is to unplug it from the wall, or flip the master power switch on the back of your power supply (if it has one).

So what yours is doing is going into stand-by mode. It seems what you want is to only turn off the display (which really puts it into standby or sleep mode too). And never put the computer sleep.