Windows 8 How to switch graphics card?

Fei Wu

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Jan 9, 2013
I'm using an AlienwareM17 laptop with a built-in GPU as well as an external GPU (EVGA GTX 670) that i connected to. When i was using windows 7, i could switch by disabling the built-in GPU and it will automatically switch to the GTX 670 as the default GPU, but this didnt work on windows 8. Anyone know how i can switch graphics cards on windows 8?
My drivers are up to date. But im having trouble finding update for alienware m17 r1 BIOS.
Ok i got the BIOS. When i run winphlash it just froze at "flashing new BIOS".

And yes it recognizes the gpu and it says "this device is working properly" in the properties after update/rebooting etc.
So did the flash go ok? The flashing app usually freezes whilst the update is completed.
i left it there for 1 hour, nothing happened, and i had to force shut down. am i suppose to leave it there for longer?
What bios do you have now? Also I'm not sure it will help in this particular issue but it's always best to run the latest version.
I tried install it again and left the laptop on for 9 hours and it was still stuck on "flashing new BIOS."

My BIOS version is W841.B10. I've never updated it since i bought the laptop almost 4 years ago.
not really. do i have to burn the file onto a disk? can i just use a program and create a disk image?
On the download page (Dells) there are two options, zip file or exe, you want the exe. Otherwise your gonna need a floppy and they can be rare beasts nowadays.. I also notice that the exe is for xp and below only. You could try right clicking the exe and run in compatibility mode but to be honest after checking what this bios update actually does I don't think it's going to help your issue. If you would still rather update the bios then that's your choice but for me personally there's starting to be a number of variables which may have a negative impact. it could be the case that it's simply not worth it. Especially when a simple refresh might do just as well?
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