How to verify the integrity of a file? 1 of 2 files is corrupt


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Assume I have a certain huge (> 2 GB) file and a second backup version of it on an external hard disk.

Both have exactly the same size and dates.

However when I compare them binary at the cmdprompt simplified with

fc /b D:\myfile123.enc H:\myfile123.enc

Then there are somewhere differences.
I guess these differences could be because of a previous errorneous copy operation in the past (or defect DVD).

Is there a way to find out which of them is corrupted and which is the valid file?

Is there e.g. somewhere a CRC32 hash code in the Alternate Date Stream?
Or in NTFS table?

Or can I check occupied NTFS clusters just for this file (not whole hard disk)?



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In this senario no... if you had another (3rd) drive we could run a logic test.

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