I can't download some files.

Hello. I have windows xp sp3 with last updates. Today, I tried to download a png-image with google chrome.
But it told me that it didn't have enough permissions. I tried to disable firewall and antivirus. All was without any change. Afterwards, I tried it with Opera-brouser. But nothing change.
However, I can download image file with internet explorer to the same place, so my download filder have necessary permision. am I right? And it is really strange because opera can donwload exe and other type of file.
So could anyone suggest an idea of why I can't download image files with a browser.
Thanks in advance.

PS I checked desktop folder. and it works. However any folder of My documents has this problem with any browser except IE.


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It may be that the website is restricting you from downloading the image.

Nope. I download a wallpaper and it's the same story. I can download to the desktop
but can't to the any folder inside of "my docuements"

So I found out that it is problem with "my documents" and its sub-folders exactly.
None of the browsers can't save files to this folder except IE.
I checked the permissions for recording. Everything seems to be correct.
I also change the location of "my documents" but it didn't help as well.
I really don't know what the point is.
Hope that someone will help me.

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Alex which is your default browser? Also have you checked for malware? If not try running this free app:


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To be a sauerkraut, XP support has ended totally. You must upgrade your OS. No offense.

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