I cant run as administrator or acess my local disk. It is my computer only.

Whenever I try runny as administrator , i get a error saying i am restricted to do this. When I try accessing my local disk, I get an error message saying access denied. I recently went to local disk properties, security and I think I Disabled all of my permissions and un-admined my self. Is there any way to fix this? Please reply


If that was your only Administrator on that particular system it will be very hard to restore these powers, you could use the built-in Administrator to do that. However a better and more effective way is a re installation of your system, since enabling and configuring the permissions with Administrator is not something everyone can do.

how do I do a reinstallation of my system?
Please help


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Before you do the reinstall you may want to have a look here http://www.howtogeek.com/75470/how-to-enable-the-hidden-windows-7-admin-account-using-the-registry/
If you have your installation media and you don't mind a little up close and personal work with the registry you should be able to activate the hidden administrator's account.
And then you should be able to log in as "Administrator" and go about fixing your other profile.
Assuming of course that it isn't the hidden administrator's account you are having trouble with to begin with.

when I type regedit in command prompt, i get an error saying it cannot find regedit and when I diagnose I get restricted in context.


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Sounds like there is something more to the story and something more wrong with your computer but.....
As a last resort, the Administrator and Owner of this forum created a video here http://windowsforum.com/threads/resetting-windows-password.41459/#post-148172
Explaining how to use the Offline NT Password utility
You can try using that to unlock / enable the hidden Administrator's account and see if that works for you.

I have windows 8


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I really don't believe that, that makes a difference.

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