I Don't Understand Why?


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Okay is this about Windows 7 or Internet Explorer 11 or is it about Yahoo Mail? I receive an email thru Yahoo from a site called "Liberty Headlines" and in this email may be an article from "Alex Jones' Infowars.com. then my computer goes "Bonkers", it won't let me do anything and I have to do a restart. Does anyone on here ever get the same reaction? Is it being done by the government to discourage us from having information? Or is my computer possessed?

Added: Google is my Search Engine

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Those emails, the ones you don't know who they are from, never ever open them.....once you do, you've just installed a Virus or the very least some sort of malware/spyware onto your computer.

Now, what you want to do is check your PC for any infections.......run these, all are free and all of us IT techies use them or some variant of them.
Norton Power Eraser
Combo Fix ... only works with windows 7 atm.


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Thanks BF, I went thru your suggestions and did not get any help with the problem. One of the suggestions, I think Norton, said I had 2300+ errors and they wanted me to pay to fix them. Did them last night not sure which one was responsible. would need to do over to be sure. I have Avast, Microsoft essentials, and Malwarebytes, nothing shows up as a problem.

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