I just don't understand Windows search?


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I have a folder named Rift Beta on my D: drive.

No matter what I do Windows 7 search will not find it.

It's there, I can open it, I can access the files but if I type, Rift in the search window it only finds the Rift screenshots in another folder on D:, not the folder named Rift Beta!

I just don't get it?
I have find partial matches set in the search options.


Ps. It will find it if I type exactly the same title, "Rift Beta" but if I then delete the word beta and run the search again it won't.
The thing is I want it to be able to find everything with the word Rift in the title.

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Joe S

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I think the search function is really lame on Windows 7. I much prefer the one in XP.

I use Locate 32 on my machines 2 Vista machines and one W7 machine, I also have it on my Virtual xp machine by far the best search engine out there
Locate32 Web Site - Downloads


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Thanks I'll start using Locate 32, I actually have it installed but forgot about it.

The search engine in Windows XP always worked great.
I wish they had stuck with it.



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My first four in a set up order is:

  1. Install Windows 7
  2. Install Eset
  3. Install Mbam
  4. Install Locate32

i like total commander - works the same since the norton commander until this age in all versions of windows!
can do anything over there quickly and professionaly, why not use that?

I was only refering to a search engine, I use Directory Opus 9 as my file manager. It is an Austrailian program a little spendy but well worth the money

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