I found this site named GetWin7.com. Seems Legit, is it?


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I found this site named GetWin7.com. It seems to have a pretty good amount of download links, and I heard they are adding more today? Download seems to be going fast, about 50% done with my download. Maybe some of you should check it out :razz:

I think I'll stick with the Microsoft site.. ;)


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Actually, it worked great. I was able to download the 32 bit version from them at full line speed. I'm now running 7 on my new laptop. If you have trouble with microsoft like I did, you should check these guys out :razz:

no its not legit

that is a leaked closed beta version, not sure if its same version as release or not but none the less its not legit to answer your question


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I had thought that at first. It is the open beta, just includes some mirrors because some people (like me) have had trouble with downloading it from microsoft. And it's really easy to remember, so I can tell all my friends now. Windows 7 is running like a charm :cool:

EDIT: And, if you look, it links directly to microsoft's beta.

I would stay with MS, although it did take me a while to realized it was fighting Firefox. Ended using the IE tab addon for FF and it worked fine.

Yeah, I did with microsoft, took me a good 15 minutes to figure out that it 99% wouldn't let me use firefox to download it :p

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