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i'm Talking about windows 10 shape/looks, changing the shape of windows will give the more advantage to Windows 10, all you SHOULD have to make the shape pretty cute like windows 7, and also change the windows 10 wallpapers and background colors into cute and pretty shape (present shape doesn't attractive) like such as windows 7 and i think you can make it more better so nicely.. if you focus at that problem, i think you can make it more better, windows 10 is a really very nice windows BUT please please change the shape of your New Windows 10, please do something better work about that, do something new about that (not like windows8), now all your present shape and looks of windows 10 and colors are very very borring, not ATTRACTIVE, not attracts every person, these are boring shapes and also user logon screen is boring very bad colors, why you create such kind of shapes/looks (in windows 8 and 10) who the hell bastered give you such idea?? han... if you can make/create a very vey nice Superb pretty cute windows shapes dashing stunning looks such as windows 7, so why don't you can make the windows 10 like that way..?(not the same window 7 way) why are you wasting your time and money for making Borring windows 10, you are making window 10 as like windows 8.. also you are wasting consumer's time for what? make'hm cheapy look, not happy look.., i'm talking about your present windows 10's shape/look they are not happy looking they are not good looking, you are making them an Ill shape.. Please make it the Beautiful like your all time favorite windows 7.


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Personally, I don't see Microsoft improving how Windows 10 looks. In the last two Windows 10 builds, they haven't even been able to get Mail, Calendar or People working correctly. We've had to search the internet to learn a administrative PowerShell command to uninstall them and then go into the store and redownload/reinstall them. Most people aren't going to know how to do that.
Personally, so far I don't see 10 as a must have upgrade. Not even for Windows 8/8.1 users.
I don't see Microsoft improving how 10 looks. So far, they're idea is new blah looking icons.

Thanks Mr.brkkab.. yeah you said the right, but if microsoft improve that thing, i thing it will be very great full to all users


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It would definitely be nice. In my opinion it appears that the job cut's hurt them. It's beginning to look like the wrong people were let go. Windows 10 is basically a 1.0 os, as it's the 1st one for every device. The last 2 builds have had the same bugs and all they appear to be interested in, is adding new features. Not fixing bugs that shouldn't exist. The Store Beta hasn't been able to update Microsoft's own app's since day one. Mail, Calendar & People have had to be uninstalled and reinstalled in the last 2 builds to get them working.
ProjectSpartan, so far is nothing more than a lightweight, modernized version of Internet Explorer. It can't find all IE Favorites. Password managers can't be used. Ad Blockers can't be used. WOt/Web of Trust can't be used. What's the point.
The Xbox app needs to be a optional install, not pre jnstalled, as it's only of any use for Xbox One users. Personally, I have no need for one.
In all actuality, if you have the right software installed in Windows 8/8.1, A Start menu and ModernMix, Windows 10 doesn't seem to be a necessary upgrade.
Search Eveything does what Cortana can, as far as searching (minus voice recognition).It's faster than any search Microsoft put's in Windows and doesn't even need to run in the background, if you don't want it to.
DirectX 12: We're all going to have to wait for the next-gen video card's to be released that can use all of DX 12's features. Yes video card's released in the past 1 or so years, can use some of DX 12's features, but not all of them.
The current Xbox One's won't even be able to use all of DX 12's features, as they use older low-end AMD parts.
AMD's Mantle is going away, once Windows 10 is released according to AMD.DX 12 uses what Mantle does, but has more features.
So yes, everybody a video card upgrade is in your future for DX 12.
So far according to benchmarks done both pc magazines, etc. A NVidia Geforce GTX 960 benchmark scores are lower in any game, than they are in my current NVidia GeForce GTX 760.
The only place the newer card's win is in power consumption, not in any fps's.


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PS. Windows 10, still in April 2015, can't use sli or crossfire. If you try it, you're monitor get's put into permanent sleep mode.

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