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Windows 7 I have a laptop that can run in either non-turbo or turbo mode


Extraordinary Member
Jul 3, 2008
Can I run it turbo mode all the time, if I am not using the battery? Or can I increase the low gig. mode from 1197 gig. to say 1500 gig. ? I so seldom use the battery, so I can imagine that being a problem. Also, I read something about leaving the battery out, if I use it outside on a warm day, is this a good plan?
It would help if we knew what laptop you had. If you could fill in your system specs in your profile area, as detailed as possible.
The Intel "turbo" mode is basically a self overclocking for the processor. Considering there's no additional cooling onboard, one can assume that the processor could safely run at the overclocked speed all the time (meaning the processor is underclocked by default?). The turbo mode only overclocks when necessary, when you're playing graphically intense games or doing work in Photoshop, etc. The process takes a fraction of a second and the processor returns to it's normal clock speed once the load is no longer present. I'm not aware of any way to make the turbo speed permanent, unless your particular laptop supports BIOS overclocking (unlikely). However, you can adjust the power options to make the processor always run at 100% speed which would at least ensure it's always running at it's normal intended speed (not in turbo mode though). The real concern is power consumption, you can see it to be at 100% only when plugged in if you desire.