I have blue screen on windows vista when i start up



I had same problem on a hp dv2415nr and I found out it was HDD failure (hard drive disk) and I sent mines in to hp and they confirmed the HDD had been failing


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I had the same BSOD when installing Alcohol 120 but I could not restart, just got BSOD over and over so quickly I couldn't read it. It ignored safe or command line starts and I could not access the disk to restore the full backup. My backup restore disk denied there was a C:\ drive to back up to. After trying everything I could think of I gave up and reinstalled the original disk to brand new.

Once it was running again I could then access the disk and overwrite with the backup which worked a treat to back to yesterday - not too bad. But I am very upset that simply installing a program could kill my Vista Home Premium so completely. It took a whole 24 hrs work to get it running. I am going to be very reluctant to install anything again.

I have hooked it up to Windows Home Server to maintain daily backups but bottom line is I do not trust Vista at all now and am strongly considering reverting to XP unless someone can figure a workaround for this fail circle problem.



Problem solved.
I had the same problem after installing an older version of Alcohlol 120.
Blue screen of death even in safe mode. I found this page to download the recovery disc which had great instructions for burning it to an .ISO file and used their suggestion of using the free ImgBurn program.
Windows Vista Recovery Disc Download — The NeoSmart Files
It worked perfectly and I was able to restore my laptop to an earlier date.
I downloaded the 64 bit version.



I had bsod after aspi install.I just used recovery dvd and now everything is just fine.It really helps to have vista recovery.Because are lots of bsod's in vista...

If none of the other things fix your problem it's most likely an HDD failure (I agree with Hotsauce). The same thing happened to my bro where you can't do anything... even boot from the vista disk. Another way to verify that it is the problem is if you hear clicking when vista starts to load. Good luck.

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