i have w7 homebasic x64 pre installed and want to make dual boot with a pirated w7 ultimate

i have w7 home basic pre installed on my sony vaio eb14 laptop and want to install a pirated w7 ultimate and make a dual boot of the two os.how to do this?:frown:thanks


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Thanks TG, we don't want to support piracy on the forum at all, under any circumstances. If one needs a Windows OS, yet can't afford it, then it would be my suggestion either to save for it (stay away from eBay, at all costs), or if you need more time, download a Linux OS, and save up towards the next version of Windows. It will probably be offered for a cheap price, and Paul Thurott on the Windows SuperSite has stated that you can do a clean install with upgrade media. I haven't done it, but thousands have, with few, if any, problems.

But piracy on any respectable Windows forum is a total "no-no". We just don't do those things, not only from a legal standpoint, but an ethical one, too.


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I don't support piracy, i'am guessing this is the RTM build 7600 thats been doing the rounds.



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Another option would be to download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview after Febr. 29. That is free and will run for about 1 year.

And while I am using Windows 8 right now, as we speak, let me tell you, you'll love it :D What a terrific piece of work it is!! Take what 'whs' has said :thumbs_up:


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That's what I'm going to do. Next week, I download the Windows 8 Consumer Preview. I have a old 40GB WD HDD on hand, I'll use 5GB for data, the rest for the OS. If I like what I see, I'll get it, legally.

As much as MS is still trying to steer users away from XP, there may be some special upgrade pricing. There was with Windows 7, but I don't expect it'll be that cheap again ($49.99). It's of my opinion, that the offering was that low, on account of the terrible experience of Vista. Many users forked over a lot of money for that OS, only to downgrade to XP.

With Windows 7 sales still good, and the popularity of the OS is going nowhere soon, MS doesn't want to ruin a good thing. It would be my guess that MS is targeting XP & Vista users for Windows 8 sales, the majority of Windows 7 users is likely to go nowhere until at least Windows 9 (assuming that's the name of the OS).

By then, XP's life support will have ended, and hopefully we'll see some 128 bit CPU's on the market. But as long as XP is supported, it's going to be a tough sell. Having 3 different types of CPU's to choose from, is going to start all of those "32 vs 64 vs 128 bit, what should I get?" threads all over again.

When Windows 7 was released, there were more threads on that subject alone than anything about the OS. We don't need 3 choices.

Being that we'll have this new OS to use for free for at least a year, there's no need to pirate Windows. The latest will be free for all, and should run well on any computer that was built to run Vista & up. Many XP based PC's can run Windows 7 (or 8), if there's room in the case for a video card upgrade. There's several in the $50 to $75 range that'll do just fine. If your hardware is otherwise good, then it's a good investment.



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Interesting. My account appears to allow me to post to a closed thread.

I just wonder what goes on in the head of someone who can use Windows 7, obtain a purportedly illegal copy of a different version of Windows 7, and yet blurt out commission of such illegal activity in a public forum while asking others to assist in said illegal activity. Really, neelbha, what were you thinking? No, I mean it, seriously, what were you thinking? It would make an interesting case study of aberrant behavior. I bet this would be one for the psychology journals.


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I would imagine the OP, neelbha, left the forum months ago!
fwiw, Iam not sure, but I don't think there were any useful Windows 8 links around then.

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