Windows 8 I just found this!!!

Without thumbing back through the posts, Mike, I think I remember you were a "Classic" user?

You may not be aware, but the latest release, which doesn't have any remarkable new interface changes, has one very significant improvement. After installation, from then on, when you boot, it goes straight to the desktop WITH the classic start globe and menu. For those who are constantly complaining about the lack of the old style, this must surely satisfy. You really end up in the old familiar environment.
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Actually I do know this, I am using classic shell and I do have the "Skip Metro Screen" box clicked.
If Microsoft doesn't make it impossible to use Classic Start Menu then I will use it when I upgrade to Windows 8 permanently.

I've always used it with Windows 7 too.

With it, I can hardly tell the difference between Windows 7 and Windows 8 as far as how I use it goes.

But I do think the performance boost is worth the upgrade, especially for $39.

I did turn off classic shell, to try the above process, but I then remembered that I turned off the Lock Page someplace else, (I don't remember exactly where, but you can do it in W8) so I never get to the lock page to start with so I couldn't try it to see if it worked.

I was only offering the hint as an option for those who don't want to add outside apps to Windows 8 as a way to avoid the Start Menu.

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I have been hunting for an answer to this perplexing change. I could not figure out how this change took place. This answers that question. Thanks.

I'll have to save a link to that, or I won't remember it when I want to change it.
I have a document that I add to when ever something comes along like that, it has links and instructions that pertain to Windows.

Everything from how to log in as administrator to links to Classic Shell and Rocket Dock.

Lets me just copy and paste to get where ever I need to go or run an application from the prompt.

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