I LOVE win7 so far...

I have been using Win7 now for about a week and absolutely LOVE it! I have the most current build 7057 installed as the main os on my laptop and second os on my main computer, but have not used Vista since installing 7057. When installing I was pleasantly surprised that all of my hardware was found and installed without one single hitch...camera dock printer, main printer, routers, monitor, wireless mouse etc. And networking computers was as simple as devising a password and entering it...took all of 2 mins. literally if that long. Everything just feels crisp and very functional, even vs. Vista (which I like). The file system in my opinion is much improved and much more intuative...easier to navigate. Build 7.00 seemed to be more stable for me than all the other builds leading up to the most recent, but 7057 appears to be a little quicker with no bugs found on this end as of yet. I'm sure they will come the more I work with it, but so far so good. This really feels like a "final release" to me...definitely not the feel of a beta os compared to os's of the past.

I truly believe MS finally got it right with this one. What do you guys think so far? Am I delusional?


I agree ive been useing windows 7 for a couple of days now and its great much faster than vista no anoying admin pop ups easy to use installed all my drivers straight away,lots of eye candy put into this but fortunitly makes up for it in performance.

Same here, I love the interface and it is fast. My only gripe is that some tools doesn't work like the Daemon tools, some enterprise apps.

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