Windows 8 I need some serious help!


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Jun 1, 2013
Ok, i think i really screwed up. I ran a disk check and when it was about 27% i thought it was stuck because it wouldn't move from there, so i hard shut it down. (i should mention that it installed 11 updates when i restarted). When it restarted the prompt telling me to press any key to bypass the disk checked appeared, i pressed a button and it started to boot installing the updates. Then a message saying update failed showed up and it was rolling back changes or something and it restarted again. Now when it restarts it shows the windows 8 boot logo with the circles spinning under it. I've put in my windows 8 CD a and ran the trouble shoot, nothing in there could work for reasons like you have to choose a operating system to reboot, or this is locked and stuff like that. system restore, reset, restore pc even booting safe mode in command prompt. i've tried all of them. now im just waiting and letting it spin at the logo. do you think if i wait a couple hours it would fix? i haven't let it boot for over an hour without shutting it down and trying to fix it myself.
please help, i can't afford to let this computer die on me.

You say you tried system restore - did you try that by first booting into safe mode? If it did not run please tell us what happened.