Windows 7 If I'm using Win7 in XP Emulation mode, can the software still see the extra memory?


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Dear Anyone.

I prob. don't know what I'm talking about here, so feel free to tell me!

I've got music composition software that was really designed for Windows XP 32-bit, but I'm used to it and want to try to keep on using it. Thing IS - it kept crashing when using posher instruments and I'm wondering if that's just lack of memory. Knowing XP can only see 4gig, I installed Win7 because I know that can see more memory, being 64 bit, and has an XP Emulation Mode.

Then I had a sudden nasty thought. If I'm using the software in XP Emulation Mode, would the 32-bit VSTs be able to USE the extra memory? Or would they only be able to use 4 gig of it because they're in XP mode (or because they're 32-bit?) I really don't know, no idea, that's why I'm asking. If it helps, the software's Quick Score Elite 2019 by Sionsoft, the VSTs are a bunch of free downloads - all legit, no cracked software - and a mass of soundfonts with the RGC Soundfont Player, (Cakewalk) and Plogue Sforzando. It's when I was using 4 big soundfonts split off from an even bigger soundfont and trying to put a pile of effects on them the software started crashing. MIGHT be a prob. with the software, wanted to try out extra memory first. Been told QSE can only use 32-bit VSTs, wish they'd upgrade it to 64-bit but they've not yet.

That's about the extent of my knowledge really.

Yours hopefully