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I started to post this in Networking, since my issues first became apparent when I was trying to do networky... stuff... but the more I've tried to resolve the issue the more problems I seem to uncover.

Basically I am at my parents' house for the break. I have my computer, PC2, running Windows 7, set up on their home network. The network is set up on my dad's computer, PC1, which is running Vista. There are three more Win 7 computers and an Xbox360 on the network, all working perfectly.

I've never had any issues with it before, and up until today have frequently been able to access PC2 via his Network folder to copy files and such. Today though PC1 decided it wasn't going to show PC2 in the network folder anymore. PC2 was still able to connect to the internet with no trouble, and shows up on the Network Magic network map on PC1, but its name didn't show up in the actual Network folder in Windows Explorer.

I tried to go on PC2 to see if I could see the other computers from its Network folder, but it won't open at all. I click "Network," and it gets stuck on the loading bar, which eventually slows to a stop.

After resetting my connection to the router from PC2, it eventually showed up on PC1's directory, and I was able to connect to it. However, after trying to copy a file to PC1, I got an error message that said it wasn't able to connect to PC2, and that there was no computer by that name on the network. After that, PC2 continued to show up on PC1's network folder, but PC1 couldn't connect to it.

I restarted PC2 and reset the router, and that seemed to fix the problem for a minute. I was able to open up the network folder on PC2 with no problem, and access PC2 from PC1 with no problem. However, as soon as I tried to copy the file again, I got the same error messages. Now, PC2 isn't showing up on PC1's network folder (although it is still visible in the Network Magic map). I can't open the network folder on PC2. In addition to that, ALL of my directories refuse to load now. When I try to open "Computer" or "Control Panel" or anything it just gets caught in an eternal load screen.

I've done a malware and virus scan, but haven't found anything. If you haven't guessed, my knowledge on the subject is rudimentary at best. Generally when I'm having network issues I can google around and solve the problem but this is just such an unusual situation that I haven't been able to find anything helpful.

Does anyone have any pointers for this? Would reinstalling Win 7 fix the issue? I'd really rather not have to do this, but this is driving me insane!

To recap, because that giant text wall is kind of confusing. My current situation is:
Network is set up from PC1, which is running Vista
-PC1 does not show PC2 in Network folder, and therefore can't connect to it
-PC2 is now unable to open its own Network folder, or other major directories from Start -Menu like Computer, etc.
-PC2 CAN access internet, troubleshooting detects no problems
-I have no idea what I'm doing so if you know anything to help me, please keep that in mind!

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Is this a wireless network? If it is, does the signal strength remain high or could there be some interference?

Does "Network Magic network map" mean something other than the map you can get from the Network and sharing center?

Have you tried opening a command prompt and typing ipconfig /all to check your IP addresses when it is working and when it isn't?

Have you tested the ping times when working and not?

Are all the computers running or does it make a difference is one or more is turned off, like the xBox?

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