Windows 7 IIS port trouble


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Jan 31, 2009
First off, I'm new on these boards, and if this is a wrong board or anything, just tell me.

So anyway, I'm someone who likes to script for websites. I've set IIS website port to 22004 and it's also portforwarded.

Now when I connect to http://localhost:22004/, I get my website. If I do it with my local network adress, it also works. But when doing it with my external IP, it can't find the server.

I'm not a pro in these kinds of things. I more like experimented with small website things, and now decided to really make a website for my MTA server. But I did find something that might be interesting. If I go to the resource monitor>network then tick System, and then look between TCP ports, see in my included picture.

In case you don't trust the picture, that's fine. It basically says my local port is 22004, but my remote one is 55294... Could this mean that for some reason my PC asks my router for information from port 55294? Or is there something else going on? Tell me if you guys need more info.

I've searched for about an hour, and didn't find much. (especially because I didn't know where to look =/)

Thanks in advance,
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