Windows 8 Improvements for the touch keyboard ?


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Hi !

First thread on this forum and new user of Windows 8 for the last 5 days. I installed Win 8 RP on my Acer Iconia tab W500 and I have a little annoying problem with the touch pad. When I go in Internet Explorer (regular version desktop, not in Metro) and I "click" on the seach field of Google home page (it could be any other page like facebook), the keyboard doesn't appear :apologetic: (on Android or iOS, it's automatic). I have to click on the little keyboard icon on the bottom toolbar (that I had previously add to have access to it).

Also, grey and black for keys, a little bit boring don't you think? Is it possible to change the color/style/opacity ? If someone have a trick, let me know please !
UPDATE on July 8 - I tried another tablet Asus Eee 32GB on Windows 7 and when you click on an input field (like the search field in Google), a little keyboard icon appear next to the field so it's definitely a trouble/thing missing in Windows 8. Any suggestions ?
As windows 8 is still really in beta mode it seems the only way to open the touch k'board is to rightclick on the task bar. Hopefully this will change some what on release.