In windows 8 I am not able to change video file's Rating (starts)

In windows 8 I am not able to change video file's Rating (starts), I right click a file, the go to properties>Details I see the starts but I can not change them,

I tried to allow all permissions.

What should I do?

I have tried rating in the Windows media player library, but when I rate a video this way it does not refresh in the windows explorer, I would like to see the actual applied starts in windows explorer, so I can set the files ascendent and descendent base on its starts in windows explorer. I do not use windows media library.

Is there another way to add rating to any file inside windows 8 explorer?

Thanks Advanced.


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I'm seeing the same thing on some of my videos?

If I go to Windows Explorer and right click on a video file, and select Properties, then go to the details page I can add or remove content as you can see in the image below on some of my video files, (these were all created by me).

Here I have added the Titles and set the Rating to 4 Stars.

I think that I had to click on the Remove Properties and Personal Information before I could do it.

But on other video files in the same folder, I could not edit the information, and I can't see any difference in the files or the permissions.

I tried setting permissions for the other files to everyone but it still won't let me change the information.

It just doesn't give me the window to type in.


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