Incorrect Video Duration Displayed

I'm having a really frustrating problem to which I still haven't been able to Google my way to an answer. It has to do with video duration.

I have numerous videos on my PC that are of 6 hours or so (seminars, home video recordings etc.) and while I can play these at full length without problems in VLC Media Player, the file data displayed at the bottom of the windows screen when said video is highlighted in its folder is always at a maximum of 3:34:51.

This may initially not seem like a big deal as long as I can still watch the video on VLC, but it actually presents a problem in how software will register the duration displayed by Windows as the ACTUAL duration and will thus keep the video at that length.

For example, if I try to edit the video in Windows Movie Maker, it will notice the data of the video being "displayed" as 3 hours, 34 minutes and 51 seconds, and so the video loaded into Windows Movie Maker will actually be of that duration. In other words, the video will simply end there, in spite of it having 2 1/2 hours left on it!

This is driving me crazy!!! How do I fix it???

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What does it say in the Properties of the file > Details tab. Example:


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