Increasing the Range of your Wireless Network


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Here's a trick to increase the power of your wireless network, if you have a wired network (ethernet cables running throughout the home), you can set up a second wireless router or access point. To do this, you could buy 2 routers and turn one into an access point by disabling DHCP, connecting it by wire to your main router, and making its IP address different than the main router. Alternatively you could buy an Access Point and connect it by wire to your other router. Put each wireless device on opposite sides of the home, and configure both with the same name (wireless SSID), same wireless encryption method, and same passphrases. Both wireless hubs must be set up with the same wireless protocols (if one supports b/g and the other b/g/n, disable n on the second device). Your laptops and wireless devices will automatically use the closest router without any reconnecting downtime.