Windows 10 Ingame problem after last windows update.


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Jan 12, 2019

This started happening after the last windows update.Before the update everything was working fine.I cannot explain it but i made a little video showing what happens.
And it only makes that when i am playing a game(Fortnite,World of Warcraft,CS:GO).It is most obvious with the movement keys like the arrows and ASDW but it happens with every single key on the keyboard.
When holding down a key it reacts as i am pushing it and releasing it non-stop.You can see it in this video:
I have reinstalled my keyboard,updated the drivers and even tried with another keyboard but this is not the problem.
If you have that problem or had it before and you know a solution please let me know.

Thank you in advance!
You should consider reinstalling your windows if at all the update is the reason behind this error. Also try relaunching the game first.
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