Inserting an SSD


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I have W7 on a desktop and a 2.5inch SSD removed from a 'dead' laptop. Can I somehow remove the W7 OS, put in the SSD and re-install W7 onto the SSD? The W7 is on a CD which I bought. I would assume I would have to put the small SSD into a cradle then into a spare slot?


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The easier way is to clone the Win 7 to the SSD. That is if the to total amount of data on your Win 7 INSTALLATION is less than the capacity of the SSD.
But yeah, If you have the original installer CD, just switch the drives and boot from the CD and proceed with the installation. You can buy an SSD to HDD adapter to fit the SSD in the hard drive bay, but that is not really important. You can tape it or tie it securely inside the case..



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If your C partition fits on the SSD, see here:

And if the C partition does not fit, post back. We'll make it fit.

And install it internally. No need for a 3.5" adaptor. They are so small and light that you can just stick it anywhere. I use Velcro dots.

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