Install 2 Video Cards BSOD

Already have a fully functional system, but want to run 3 - 4 monitors. Trying to install a second graphics card that I had laying around, a GeForce 7300 LE. First install BSOD. Go into safe mode disable driver, boots up fine. Tried a few things like updating driver through NVidia's auto driver search feature. Tried opening NVidia Control Panel to see if it would access the card but no luck. Really not sure what to try next to get this thing to work. The driver causing the BSOD is nvlddmkm.sys


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If the card was just laying around, chances are it has been damaged, perhaps through ESD. I would verify the card works either by using it alone in the computer, or by trying a different card. Also note that graphics cards eat power like candy - if you PSU is not sized right, that may be your problem. You neglected to tell us anything about your system, so anything more is speculation.

My apologies for not listing anything about the system.

Windows 7 64 bit
MSI P7N motherboard, NVidia chipset
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.1
4 GB DDR2 667
NVidia Geforce 7300 SE
Integrated Audio and NIC
650 W power supply
250GB Sata drive
750GB Sata drive
Small IDE drive used for seperate OS
Linksys Wireless PCI

also I am almost positive the card is not damaged, but disable the good one and enable the one in question tonight to see if it still works. Was working last time it was in machine.


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Keep us posted.

Tried running the cards together in XP and they mostly worked. I think the card was damaged while it was running previously in my XP system and I just didn't notice. XP must not care about the small amount of damage, while Windows 7 is more picky. Thanks for your help.


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XP must not care about the small amount of damage, while Windows 7 is more picky.
It would be the drivers, not the OS.

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