Windows 7 installation freezing/hanging


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Feb 18, 2009
I was wondering if anyone could try and help me?
I am trying to install windows 7 on my hard drive and it keeps freezing on installation.
I have used img burner to burn the image to DVD and I've verified it to make sure it works.
When I start system up it goes into boot from DVD and I get windows 7 loading. After that I get into a screen with a blue background (looks like the sky if u get me).
Once here it freezes and does nothing, just get the mouse cursor that moves.
I've searched through the forum but can't find an answer anywhere!
Please help!!
Thanx Ross
When it gets to the "sky" screen and all you see is the mouse cursor how long did you wait before abandoning the installation? I ask because on one of the PC's I installed 7 on it took a good 12 minutes once at that screen before anything happened, but it did eventually continue.. why there's such a delay here I don't know.. but all I did was wait it out and like I said it did eventually continue with the installation... ;)

Curious, what are your computer specs? It could be a piece of hardware causing this to happen too.. Other users have had to do things like remove their sound card until the installation was complete for example...
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Radenight's explanation is possibly the good one -- if the mouse still moves then the computer isn't locked solid.
However if after say 30 mins you STILL can't get any further it would seem likely that there is something wrong.

If you have any USB drives / USB TV cards etc remove these as well as these also cause an installation to "get its knickers in a twist".

(Note that as machines have more RAM these days it's possible for a lot more work to be done in RAM so you won't see Disk / DVD activity lights as much as on earlier machines).

Assuming the DVD image is fine this problem is sometimes caused by Partitions not being formatted correctly or the MBR (Master boot record on track zero) getting corrupted..

If you have a working computer download GPARTED ISO, boot from it and create a decent size partition for your Windows 7 installation (minimum I'd guess would be around 25GB). and ensure it's both "Active" and a Primary partition.

Now have another go.

If you don't have a working computer stick an XP / VISTA install CD in it and install up to the point where you can create a partition. Create a partition then stop the installation and insert your W7 disk. Should work from this point onwards.

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Thanx alot for your reply guys. I managed to sort it eventualy and 7 is awsome. I left it on whilst I nipped to the shop and eventually it loaded up! Just can't understand why it takes so long, maybe cus it's beta:s? Anyway apart from the install 7 runs fine and so far is the best beta I've used reliabillity wise and spec wise!
Definatley recomend it!
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