installation is freezing instantly - last driver loaded is disk.sys

Changed the motherboard, put in the old RAM as 4GB (2x 2GB) and guess what, it failed the advanced memory test in the first 2GB.

Put in two new DIMMs of exactly the same memory in the new motherboard and the advanced memory test passed on all 4GB.

Windows 7 now installed - no problem.

Because both of the faulty 2GB DIMMs pass when tested independently in the old motherboard, the logical choice was think it was a motherboard problem. But it turned out to be a RAM issue.

RAM manufacturer will be contacted.

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I tested the old memory 2GB at a time and both DIMMs passed, but don't pass when used together?

Windows 7 now installed.
The answer is almost guaranteed to be voltage requirements as I was saying to check and change in the bios.

Glad to hear of Win 7 installation. Nice. :)

As I said, the problem occurred with the new motherboard using the old memory. And yet, when I installed two new DIMMs of the same speed and type the problem didn't occur.

The BIOS settings on the new motherboard were driving the RAM with the correct voltage.

Thanks anyway :)

#24 apologies. I read your post to mean you were still having problems with using old RAM. I misunderstood as I read it rather quickly. My bad.

Still, glad you figured it all out. That's always a good thing.

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