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I'm new to installing multiple versions of Windows on my PC. I have a 500GB and a 250GB hard drive installed. I was thinking about making a 120GB partition from my 250 and dual booting. I have tried to make the partition in advance with Vista's Disk Management console in the Administrator Tools menu, but a friend and I cannot make partitions larger than 16GB with this. Will using the Windows 7 installation disk allow me to make this partition?

Now a question about the boot manager. When this is all said and done will I have to use my Windows Vista disk to repair the MBR so Vista will boot? Will I have an OS selection screen when 7 is installed and will 7 install a boot manager anyway?

When the beta expires in August, will removal of this partition be as easy as deleting it? and how will I put that 120GB of empty space back onto the 250GB drive? will I have to settle with just having a 120GB partition or can I re-size it or can I morph it back into the main partition without formatting the entire drive? All information about these questions is greatly appreciated, I look forward to providing feedback and tests to this community.


within Windows (XP and way and I can only assume that Vista does as well), it has a fairly decent drive management console. Once you are done with the W& partition, you SHOULD be able to goto this utility and delete it. Then either add it on to your existing partition or use it as another drive.

Good luck!

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