Installation wiped out my programs and apps


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Has anyone else experienced this? I was unable to update from Windows 8.1 Pro to Windows 10 Pro via Windows update as the download/ install kept failing. I then downloaded the 64-bit Win 10 installer from the MS website and ran it.
Everything went fine until I was presented with three options:
1. Keep all my files, apps and programs
2. Keep my files but lose all my apps and programs
3. Clean install.
The trouble was that my preferred option (the first one) was greyed out, and there was a note saying that that option was unavailable - I forget the exact wording.
I then settled for #2, except that I've since had to spend a large amount of time reinstalling a heap of software.
Am I the only one to have experienced this problem and, more to the point, why?

It did what you told to do. Therefore the having to reinstall everything. Not sure why option 1 would have been grayed out.

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Did you have multi languages and possibly an alternative region on your previous OS.?
I do, and I have had a similar occurrence. I now make sure I am in my default region and ditto language..


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Scoller1 - The only reason I chose Option 2 was that that was the better of the two available options. That's the question - why was Option 1 unavailable?
Davehc - No, I had only the one region on8.1

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