Windows 8 Installation with a new hard drive


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Jan 5, 2013

I have 2 computers Dell w XP and HP w Vista

I installed a new hard drive in both systems

When I attempt to install on the HP the error message I receice is Critical Process Died, and when I attempt to Recover the next two error messages are 0x0000001 and 0x80070570

The only thats not new are the outside casings.

Im no longer familiar with functions from the command prompt, but when I go there C: is empty.

The only other error when I started the PC Fix was winexe. I believe

Any help will be appreciated, thank you

Most likely cause is either a hdd driver problem or hdd format. If a driver then you need to provide it during the early stage of the install process, if the hdd is using the GPT format as opposed to the traditional MBR format thenyoumay need to make provision for that - see here for some GPT infor from MS:

Windows and GPT FAQ
Since these seem to be older computers, you might watch out for the HP having an mSATA drive, which should be around 32 GB.

When you start the install, you can get to the "Pick a Language page"? A little more detail about the process might help.

1392 (0x570)
The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
As the comoputer starts

Install now or repair computer

then the product key screen

License agreement box

Upgrade or Custom Install

Asks where to install Partitioin1 system or Partition 2 Primary

Once it begins to install, error screen all required files are not available and the comuter reboots
Sounds like it is not able to read the install media. Possibly the DVD drive is at fault, and it is the original one for that system?

You have tested both the 32 and 64 bit DVDs to see if they behave the same?

You might want to try a Flash Drive install to see if it will complete. There are several tutorials about creating the bootable Flash Drive, but format it in Fat32, and after it is bootable, just copy the Windows 8 files from the DVD to it.
When I try to install the 64 version it says that "the media driver is missing" a dvd, cd, or flash driive can be used, insert it now

It doesnt say which media driver though
"the media driver is missing" a dvd, cd, or flash driive can be used, insert it now

A message like that would seem to indicate the driver for your install media device is not working in the Windows 8 install.

I used to see that in Windows 7 when I had my flash drive in a USB 3.0 port. The System would boot to the flash drive normally, but once the install started, it could no longer be read..... Your DVD drive might be in the same situation. All I can suggest, if that is the situation, is to see if it has a firmware upgrade available and see if there is a bios update for your system.

The Flash Drive suggestion, still seems a viable option.
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