Hi to all

i purchased toshiba satellite L310 laptop . while purchasing in the shop they put vista os. they did not give vista DVD. then after i formated and put windows 7. now i want to put xp or vista. while i puting the vista os it shown file missing . while putting xp in windows 7 it shown hardware not powered on.

can anybody help to put vista or xp . i tried virtual xp also it shown no virtual hardware assisted .



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You'll never get either one installed unless you gave the disks.

New question for you's guys. I had xp pro running on a p4 3.0 with 2gb of ram and an nvidia gs 7100. I hate the trouble of networking xp and 7 together (I have x64 on my theater rig) so I wanted to install x86 on the p4. It installs just fine, real fast actually but when every things running it will freeze up on me. I have done the updates and every thing worked flawlessly when xp was on it.

It happens randomly and and its driving me mad. I let it sit tonight to see if it would come around. It did but was real choppy and then froze up again.

I have tried three different disks and have the same issues.

Please help. Thanks


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It would be usful to you, Tactiks, if you started a new thread on you problem. You have hijacked a thread on a different subject.

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