Installed Outlook won't start, but can read email in browser


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I got an error message 'Onedrive Over Quota' and I started up cleaning.
What ever went wrong, I don’t know, but the result is that my local installed Outlook wont start.

I see just a the blue Outlook start screen with the message "Profile is being loaded" and after some time the message "Time limit exceeded...MAPI 1.0 [000004C2]", followed by "Can't start Outlook, can't open window".

Has my local outlook profile got corrupted? Can I reset it?

However I can login in Outlook in my browser and read my email. What a releaf.
I will be very grateful for any help.


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What went wrong.
I logged in with my PC to the account of the organisation where I regularly do some jobs. My Office365 license there is also valid at home. I hoped to getting more Onedrive quota. I entered my email account of the company also on my local outlook. Disconnecting my PC from the account of my organisation made it also impossible for my local outlook to connecting to my email account of my organisation. This results in an Outlook which hangs at startup.
Knowing and understanding this made the solution easy.