Installed software is not being recognized under "All_Programs" from the start menu?!?!

I'm in the IT department at my school and we have a room with about 12 computers that need CodeWarrior installed on them. I logged in as the administrator and installed this program which will make it available to all student accounts when a student logs in. However, later when I had a student login to one of the systems there was no shortcut on the desktop or a program folder for the software "CodeWarrior" located under "All Programs" from the start menu. It was like the system wasn't recognizing the program I just got done installing.

My first troubleshoot was to re-download and install this program thinking that I had done something incorrectly during the install. After re-installing CodeWarrior the problem still was there. Next thing I did was accessed the folder C:/ProgramFiles in which I located the program folder which was named "Freescale". I opened up this folder and further navigated to C:/ProgramFiles/Freescale/Bin folder and found the executable file called IDE which is the actual shortcut to launch CodeWarrior.

Why doesn't the install procedure automatically create a shortcut to launch CodeWarrior on the desktop and why isn't the program folder "Freescale" located under the tab "All Programs" from the start menu?

My initial thought is this install package was created around a linux system and therefore isn't completely compatible with Windows 7 as it doesn't create a shortcut nor puts the programs files under "All Programs" located on the start menu. I say this because the programs folder "Freescale" looks like its structured like it would be in any linux or unix system. For example it has a "Bin" folder inside it which clearly isn't a Windows 7 thing. I ran the executable file for code warrior that was in the "Bin" folder just to make sure I was able to hook up my micro-controller and compile a simple program for upload. Everything did work.

Right now i'm having to make every student go into C:/ProgramFiles/Freescale/Bin and pull the IDE file out to create a shortcut so next time when they log on as themselves the shortcut will be there for that specific profile they logged in with. However, if another student logs into a system they haven't before the shortcut won't be there so they have to this annoying procedure again since it's a profile oriented. I would like to know what is causing this issue so I can better evaluate this problem and perhaps solve it.

I went to the Freescale website and there isn't anything that covers this error. I've noticed this is the case with several IDE's or engineering related software that i've installed on these systems. I am making sure that i've installed the correct version "Windows 7" and not the incorrect versions like the linux or macOS ones.


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Need more information on the program link, specs page and so forth.

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