Installing HP Photosmart 1215 on vista...



HP Photosmart 1215 Driver & Vista

Worked for my system as well. Thank you.




thanks so so so much for this. you are all so helpful. it has just made my day. thank you all agin. AT



Thank you for the tip about the Photosmart 7200 drivers, it worked great.

Here is a step by step description of how to install.

1.) Go to device manager and make sure you remove any reference to the Photosmart 1215.

2.) Go to printers and manually install, right click in the open printers window and choose Run As Administrator>add printer.

3.) Add a local printer using the existing port: USB001(virtual printer port for USB)

4.) In the next window choose Manufacturer: HP, Printers: HP Photosmart 7200 series.

5.) Then hit next and away you go, you should have the little window asking if you want to print a test page, click yes and if all went as well as it did for me it should be printing a test page.

PS Make sure the printer USB is plugged in and printer is turned on.

w00t thanks guys :D
WOW.....i tried everything and i finally googled photosmart 12 drivers and found your instructions. I followed the steps and IT WORKS !!!!!!!!!! I really didnt want to be forced to buy another printer when this one works just fine. Thanks again !!!! Wendy



Install drivers 1215 on vista

I don't seem to have the virtual printer port - what am I missing??



Forget that! Its called dot something on mine. You've just saved me lots of money and I thank you kindly!!



hp 11215 on Vista

Thanks to all of you. That was a great fix kept me in business with my hp 1215.
I was wondering if anyone has similar fix for a hp scanjet 4470c??
Thanks again.



HP 1215 and Vista

AWWWWW MAN!!!!!!! Thanks Gatman for the awesome not only saved me ehh bout 70 bucks (for a cheap printer to just be able to work with this OS) but also about an hours worth of work setting an older puter as a print server and joining to my network :) Anyway this fix with the 7200 driver worked for me. Now the wife is happy and as all od us married men know we can be spared for another day.

Thanks again for sharing the info.



Getting this Fix to Work for A Network Printer

I was wondering how to get my Windows Vista computer to print off of the photosmart 1215 sucker from and XP client when I stumbled upon this thread from google.
Here is how for those who are wondering:
Go to
Start>Control Panel
Under the Hardware and Sound Tab Click printers
Click "Add a Printer" from the "file bar"
Click "Add a Network,Wireless or Bluetooth Printer"
Locate your printer, follow the instructions and add it normally
Click back to the "Printers" window
Find the network printer you added
Right click on it> Click properties
Click "Advanced"
Next to driver click "New Driver"
Click next, wait until the list of possible printer drivers appear
Go to HP on the right, click on "HP Photosmart 7200 Series" on the right
Click next, click finish

Delete the printer you just added from the network
Add it again (it should now list as hp 7200 series on...)
There you are.



photosmart 1218

Instead of removing any reference to Photosmart 1215 in device manager, simply right click on Photosmart 1215 in device manager, go to update drivers, and browse for the driver for hp photosmart 7200. Windows will alert you that that driver may not be compatible, click ok, and there you go. Doing it the other way didnt work for me....
This fix also worked with the photosmart 1218 for me thx

Worked on my 1218 too. Great, thanks :)



Great Solution

Thank you very much.

I was extraordinarily annoyed that HP and MS were not going to offer drivers for the 1215 to operate on Vista. But there is always a way around their collective ignorance and mis-treatment of their customers. My 1215 works great with the 7200 drivers and I get to keep using a perfectly functioning printer.

Stick it to the man!!!

Thanks much!!

photosmart 1215

Hi i wonder if you have still got the software and driver update for the 7200, i cannot find it on the hp web site

many thanks john

What am I missing

Thanks to the one that found the work around,
But what am I missing?

I have followed step by step. I have even turned of and back on.
The good news is that at least there is a print in the que.
The test page comes up as an error, but from word they just sit there.
What else do I need to tickle?
I have tried all printers ports, just for giggles.


windowa vista and hp photosmart 1115

can someone send me or post a link where i can get this hp 7200 driver so i can use my 1115 photo printer. thanks

can u send me the link u used for this driver

vista driver for hp 7200

cn someone send me the link for the 7200 driver that works with windows vista so my hp 1115 will work




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ANZPOWER722........What are you trying to say? I guess you don't like Vista



oh ya

If you go to the HP site you will get this useful information
We are sorry to inform you that there will be no Windows Vista support available for your HP product. Therefore your product will not work with Windows Vista.
The majority of HP products not supported in Windows Vista are beyond seven years old.
If you are using the Windows Vista operating system on your computer, please consider upgrading to a newer HP product that is supported on Windows Vista. HP has numerous products on the market that support Windows Vista.
As stated in other mails the 7200 driver works well but I don't seem to be able to print from the web--Driver problem or operating system???

Worked for me too!

Yep. Worked just fine for me on a photosmart 1218 (Which is a 1215 with a gizmo to print both sides) Thanks very much mate & hp (Who also sent a message saying "Buy a new hp printer") can go to blazes!

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