Installing through multiple versions to increase compatibility

Using a Windows 7 initial install followed by Windows 10 has been the only way I've found to get Adobe CS5 operating on my system without a hitch. I use the compatibility settings to run it as a Windows 7 program after, but it didn't work on a straight Windows 10 install without installing 7 first. That brings me to my question: does installing the version of Windows the program was originally meant to run on (for example, 2000, NT, XP and 7), followed by a further install of later OS versions right up to 10 help with compatibility? I'm under the impression that the updating process sorts out old drivers and programs somewhat better than just Windows 10 in a fresh install with compatibility selected.


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Just for my understanding, is Adobe CS5 a Windows component or what makes it imposseble?
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No it's software and it would carry over into the upgrade.

CS6 and older are not officially supported on Windows 10. I've gotten plenty of really old programs running on Windows 10. Procmon is a good tool to help troubleshoot a lot of common issues.