Windows 7 Installing Win7 on Raid mode Drive


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Laptop Model Sony Vaio SVT13113EN
500GB HardDrive + 32 GB SSD
SATA Mode set to RAID

When i tried a clean install of windows 7 (Home premium) the installation setup couldn't detect my drive and I tried loading drivers from flash drive manually got the message "No signed drivers found.....".
No options to set SATA mode in BIOS.
Didn't know which driver to load tried all these drivers Intel Management Interface Driver, Intel Chipset Driver, Intel Rapid Storage Management Driver but got the same message.
Help me with the right drivers to install win7 or win8.....

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First, do you know if the install is a UEFI or MBR configuration, and are you booting the correct version?

The 32 GB drive is normally used as a helper to speed up your system or allow it to return from hibernation faster. Haven't checked your system yet, but the SATA controller will probably be set up as RAID if this is the case.

But for Intel's Smart Response, you install to the larger drive and use the Intel Rapid Storage Technology utility to set up the SSD drive as acceleration. Even if the system is set to RAID, it can be installed as "RAID Ready" and does not need a RAID driver.

But if you are looking for RAID drivers, they might be in the downloaded SATA drives in a special folder that may say something about F6 boot drivers.

If none of this helps, when you boot, do you see the RAID OpRom and have access to it. I think a CTRL-I gets you there when you see the message. If the system had been set up in the acceleration RAID configuration, you should be able to remove the configuration from that panel.

Note: The following operation will clean your drives, so if there is some reason you do not want them wiped, such as an upgrade version of the OS, do not continue.

You also have the option to clean the drives during the install. When you get to the first page (or the second or partitions page) where it ask you to select a language, hit Shift+F10 to open a command prompt window. In that window, type Diskpart and let it start.

Then type, with return after,

lis dis

See if your disks are shown. Since the drives will be wiped, it is important you get the correct one.

sel dis 0 if that is the drive you want to clean


then select the other drive if you want to clean it also.


to leave the utility and close the command window. You may have to reboot or hit refresh on the partitions page to get the drives recognized. But continue on with the install afterward.