Installing Windows 10 on a Dell Inspiron 15 M5030 laptop (fix for the black screen during setup)


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I thought I knew about PCs, WOW! A great big thank you from myself for the relatively easy tho a bit convoluted fix. strange thing tho the graphics driver has updated:D:D


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Thanks. Your video tutorial can be used to prepare any custom Windows installation file. Basically the same steps.


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I am still fighting this issue on a couple of M5030's. I found this video but I could not find any links (as promised) to download and accomplish the end result.


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The links are in the description of the YouTube video, click on the YouTube icon on the video to go to the videos page then look below the video. That being said the links may be old, as the video is a bit old now, let me know if they no longer work and will attempt to fix them.


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Thank you very, very much. I watched the video on the Forum page and never knew there was a difference if I actually went to YouTube. You can tell that I don't use YouTube very often. All the links are still okay.
Thanks again!


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I used an flash disc OS and booted from USB. Than installed windows by CD. If you have any problems google the error code and learn how to re format an corrupted HardDisc.